Statement of Pedagogy: Jonathan Sanford Saul


My teaching methodology follows these simple steps:


Step 1:     Motivation

Step 2:     Definition & Understanding of terms

Step 3:     Explanation, exploration, discussion, debate

Step 4:     Questions & Answers

Step 5:     Practice: Time & Effort

Step 6:     Demonstration (or proof)


I absolutely believe that motivation is required for learning. I have found that

students become more motivated to learn when they understand how they will

profit from the experience. I teach ‘communication’ all the time, regardless of

the subject matter.


Throughout, I seek to establish a ‘learning rapport’ with the students, constantly

reminding them of their need to apply themselves (and think) in order to succeed. 

I emphasize the need for students to be ‘self-aware’ learners. I share with my students

the goals and the processes in which we engage. For example, a definition of terms

lesson or an opportunity to debate is always clearly identified.


My methodology is experientially based. I create and/or draw upon common/familiar

experiences (ranging from reading a document, watching a video, listening to music,

to conducting a group discussion) designed to provide a basis for discussion and

exploration of ideas, concepts, relationships and consequences.


I intersperse these experiences with didactic lessons, ranging from the presentation

of theories and facts to thought provoking questions, ethical dilemmas and historical debates.


I push students and pull them. I stretch their minds to think about life in ways, perhaps,

they have not thought before. I emphasize that one’s perspective determines one’s vision.

I encourage my students to explore different perspectives, to experience different ways

of looking at the world and to ask questions. I admonish my students when questions

are not asked, threatening to repeat the entire lesson if questions are not forthcoming

(I have never actually had to do this).


I encourage my students to read, read, and read. I assist them in writing and speaking proper

English as well. I strive for them to understand the communication process as an

integral part of their quest to acquire knowledge and skills.


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