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"Experience a taste of Jamaica high in the mountains."


    Your stay will truly be a vacation as none other!



All proceeds from the rental of Spring Mountain Villa are contributed to the Spring Mountain Benefit Corporation which is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Spring Mountain Benefit Corp. is a public charity (501c3) in place to help local people in Jamaica.


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Set far up on a mountain, Spring Mountain Villa gives you privacy, a breathtaking view and a vacation like no other.

Green Isle is a Jamaican town just miles from the white sand beaches and cliff side restaurants of world famous Negril. 




The entire 3 acre compound is fenced and the enclosure contains the two villas,

many native fruit trees (mango, papaya, banana, coconut), and a vegetable garden.


For a modest fee, you can go deep sea fishing, river fishing,

ride with Jacques on his glass bottom boat, go to an island for a BBQ,

go horseback riding, visit the bird sanctuary and even hike to the falls.


The Negril beach, just 25 km away by car, is a seven mile crescent

ringed with bars, restaurants and water activities open to the public.



  Your host, Marvia TrevorHart, who live next door within the compound,

                will provide a genuine Jamaican experience tailored to your taste!

  They are available to cook (Marvia is a great chef), be your guides and can

       transport you to the many activities available locally. (CLICK FOR MAPS AND TRANSPORTATION)

  Lodging Description: The villa consists of 4 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms (with shower), porch and veranda.  

                                   Click here for a virtual tour of the villa.

   Villa only: $30/per person per night  Click here for complete price list and options.

   All Inclusive: $100/night for two (includes food, cooking and rum!) Click for complete price list and options.


        Click for a listing of accommodation specifications, property amenities and local activities.

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    Spring Mountain Villa is located high in the mountains a short ride from Negril

                    and its famous beach, cliffs, restaurants and resorts. 

    Experience beautiful sunsets: click here for more sunsets!


                                 These are views from Spring Mountain Villa!


     Daytime view from Spring Mountain Villa looking north: 

           See the rainbow and the Caribbean in the distance!

  You can enjoy your stay on the beach

  or enjoy any of the recommended activities,

  which include:


           Transportation to beach: $20 each way (up to 4 persons)

           Island BBQ with food and drink with Jacques: $50 per person (includes boat ride, fish, chicken, lobster, and drinks) 4 hours duration.

        Deep Sea Fishing with Blacks:    $70/hour per person (including equipment, bait)


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               INLAND ACTIVITIES

p       Horseback riding with Dave: $40 per person per tour

                                  Click here for more horseback riding information and pictures

Fi     Fishing with Blacks (not deep-sea): $50/hour per person

               for guide (and R/T transportation for up to four people)

                Click here for more Fishing with Blacks riding information and pictures

           River Fishing with Cat: $30 per person (includes hike to river)

C         Click here for a virtual tour of River Fishing

           Mayfield Falls with Marvia: $80 for guide (and R/T transportation for up to four people)                   

                     (plus $15 admission per person for the river walk)

          Click here for a virtual tour of Mayfield Falls.

             Roaring River with Marvia: $80 for guide (and R/T transportation for up to four people)

                      (plus $15 per person admission for the cave tour)

c          Click for a virtual tour of Roaring River

          Click here for a virtual tour of the cave

         Bird Sanctuary with Marvia: $80 round trip for guide and transportation, up to four people

         (plus $25 per person for the tour)      Click for a virtual tour of the bird sanctuary


   Located in Negril's West End and all along the cliff road,

     there are numerous restaurants, bars and water access sites.

   Visit Joseph's Cave: site of the original Journey to the Center of the Earth film.

             You can dive off a 60 foot cliff straight into the water!

   Jacques can take you there in his glass bottom boat

      or you can take a taxi to a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

          Click for pictures of the cliffs!

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